ZoomText ImageReader

Software and camera solution that makes printed text accessible to people who are visually impaired.

Easy to learn. Easy to use.

Captures and read printed materials in 2 easy steps

Also captures images from the screen, image files and the Windows Clipboard

  • Displays captured text in large high-contrast print (in choice of fonts and colors)
  • Available in English-Only Edition and Multilingual Edition
  • English-Only Edition is only available in North America (USA and Canada)
  • Multilingual Edition only $100 more that the English-Only Edition
  • Includes recognition of over 150 languages and dialects
  • Includes 72 voices in premium and premium HQ (highest quality) versions
  • New… 8 megapixel autofocus camera with A2 capture area and fast image quality
  • New… Automatic camera calibration—automatically crops camera view to document mat)
  • New… “Audio Guide”—provides real-time self-voicing and descriptions of the user interface
  • New… Automatic update wizard
  • Half the price of competitor products
  • Portable, affordable, easy to use

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Category: ImageReader, OCR, USB

Product Type: Hardware

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